About Us

The initial birth of One Child’s Chance began around the end of 2012. With prayer and the help of wonderful people, the groundwork was laid in January of 2014. The ultimate goal of the organization is to help children in poverty stricken countries, while spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ! The way for this to happen is through sponsorship. The sponsorship will come through a choice you make: A choice to make a difference in this world and help provide for the less fortunate. One Child’s Chance plans to provide the children you sponsor with food, medical help, clothing, and other needs as they arise! Our organization will work closely with Independent Holiness Missionaries to make this happen. The missionaries we will be working with are prayerfully considered, and will be selecting children in their areas based on individual needs. It is our prayer that you will make a choice to help children, and that choice will be their chance at a better life!