Who is One Child’s Chance?
We help change the lives of poverty stricken children through interventions such as food, medical assistance, clothing, and more. Our non-profit organization provides assistance regardless of gender or ethnic background.

Does my child directly receive the money I send?
Yes, we provide the money directly to the missionaries working with your child.  They in turn decide what needs are greatest at the time for your child. Whether they desperately need food for the month, new shoes, clothing, or medical assistance, their needs will be met. We do not give the money directly to the child as a monetary form due to dependence on an outside source.However, be assured that your money goes to meeting your child’s needs!

How long is my commitment?
When you sponsor a child, it is until the child graduates from our program, or until you send us a letter stating that you need to drop sponsorship for whatever reason it may be.

Will I hear from my child? How often?
Yes, you will receive a packet of information on your child and a picture of them initially.  You will also receive an updated picture of your child each year as well as an update of their progress and needs.