It's time for Project Christmas Hope 2017!  
We have a goal of 500 backpacks to be sent to children in the Missions we support.  We have added a 4th country this year.  The backpacks will go to Panama, Haiti, Honduras, and the Philippines!  In order for the children to get their backpacks by Christmas, we had to adjust the dates.
The deadline for you to fill out the sponsoring a backpack form is
Monday, September 4th.  (Labor Day)  
The packing party will be on Saturday, September 16th at the Calvary Holiness Campground.  We will begin packing at 10:00 am.  You are invited to join us!  
Please follow the guidelines listed in the link below when filling your backpack.  If you wish for us to fill a backpack for you, please send a one time donation of $15.00 for the contents and an additional $10.00 for shipping ($25.00).  
Link for sponsoring a backpack 
Backpack 2017
                                                   Link for Project Christmas Hope Letter 2017:  
                                     Letter 2017
                              Link for backpack guidelines:
Pictures and video from Project Christmas Hope 2015 and 2016 
                              can be found on our Media page.  
Thank you for your support!
One Child's Chance
            The Shoe That Grows 
                         YOU CAN HELP!!!!
We will be shipping shoes to children during Project Christmas Hope.  We have been working with "The Shoe That Grows" to bring you this shoe.  It will grow with the children for 5 sizes and most of the time 5 years of their growing life!  The shoe is made to extend in length and width.  It will be such a blessing for the children.  Many children do not have shoes, or if they do, they outgrow them so fast.  Shoes are taken for granted many times, and we don't stop to think what our lives would be like without them.  Disease is prevalent in areas where shoes are not available.  This small token will be such a blessing to the children our missionaries serve!  
All it takes is $15.00 per pair.  This will get the shoes to the children!  If you would like to include a pair with your backpack, that would be such a blessing!   Please be sure to fill out the form and then click donate to send a pair of shoes!  If it is for your sponsored child, please include their OCC number in the space provided!
Submission Deadline is Monday, September 4th. (Labor Day) 
I want to send shoes to needy children!  Click the link below: 
 A Message from the President

On behalf of One Child's Chance, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, in advance, for considering sponsorship. Scripturally, Christ has shown a great affinity to children. His timeless words of, "Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me," expresses His love so well! I think He loves the purity, innocence, and simplicity of a child. This explains why we must come to Him as children in our faith.

Nothing pulls at a compassionate heart like the suffering of a child. While we may not be able to help all children, your choice to help will give at least one child a chance!

Bro. Joey Dean