Missions We Support - Honduras

The Sumner Family 
      Bro. Jake & Sis. Brenda Sumner,
      Bro. Scott & Sis. Bonita Sumner,
      Bro. Alan & Sis. Paula Sumner,
                  and their Families
The Sumner family has lived and worked in the Central American country of Honduras since 1990. One of the main focuses of their ministry is evangelistic work among the Honduran Army, Navy, Air Force, and National Police. God has allowed them to share the Gospel in all of the Military Bases, and the majority of these are visited frequently. They also pioneered the Christ Cares Church in the city of Danli, where it is a beacon of Holiness to many people in the area.  The church is involved in children's ministries that are focused not only on Sunday School classes, but in weekly Bible classes in different neighborhoods around the city. They have a weekly children's feeding ministry where some 150 children are taught the Word of God, then fed a nourishing meal afterward. We are honored to work with One Child's Chance and thank the Lord for all who have a burden to sponsor these precious children.