Missions We Support - Panama


Bro. Nathan, Sis. Mindy, Timothy, and Luke Snow - Panama

The Snow family (Harvest Missions) is working in the Gnobe Bugle Indian Reservation in North-East Panama. They are pastoring a church there with another pioneer work going strong. The Lord has recently opened the doors to begin having services in three other communities with hopes of having churches there in the future. Harvest Missons' long-term vision is to continue building churches where God leads and to one day open an orphanage providing a home for the many homeless children in the reservation. May the Lord bless each of you for taking an interest in the spiritual and physical welfare of these precious children.


Bro. Jon, Sis. Kim, Liberty, and Justice Roberts - Panama

At the present time, Bro. John and Sis. Kim work in the mountains around Boquete, Panama. They are working with the Indian families that are there and are away from their reservations to work in the fields. The plantation owners house these families in “work camps”. Bro. John’s specific goal is to try to win these souls to Christ by holding regular services in several different work camps. A very significant part of their ministry is the 3 children's services they hold weekly in 3 different camps. It's very rewarding to hear them sing songs about Jesus and memorize God's word. Who knows what God will do with these seeds that are being planted in their tender hearts!

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